Building the new church

After 12 years of repairing and modifying the house on Monaco Dr. many times, we now need to take the next step in our life as a community and build the church that we have been dreaming of since September 8th, 2002.

It’s not a simple desire, it’s a necessary one

The current house is still in need of countless improvements and unfortunately will never look like a “real church”. On top of this, all the spaces, dimensions and technical aspects don’t serve our needs anymore as we grow as a community.

The projected life of this church is well over 200 years. So, in building it, we don’t actually build it for us. We will build it for the many generations to come. This is our gift to our grand-grand-grandchildren through our Lord Jesus Christ.

This first part of the project is estimated for ~$1 million and it will take up to 2 years to finish it.

There will be a church with an altar, three classes for children and one library/office.

Separate from the church building, we’ll have an event hall, two bathrooms and one kitchen.

The parking lot in front of the buildings will have one entrance and one exit, and behind the church, we’ll also have a small playground.

We ask you for your prayers first and then for your support! Building a Church is a unique chance in our life and we can be a part of it today!

May The Lord our God help us to build the church for his Glory and our salvation. AMIN!

Please find below how you can help us build our church: